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In order to get the car selling process started you need to call us at (888) 343-7773.

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Get A Quote

We will ask you a few general questions regarding your vehicle. We will then give you an instant offer for your car.

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Get Paid Cash

If you feel the offer made is adequate we can arrange to have your vehicle picked up within 24 hours, and you will be paid cash.

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There are several ways to unload a car, truck, or other type of vehicle. You can hope that you can trade it in when you purchase another automobile. You can attempt to sell it online, in a local newspaper, or from the Walmart parking lot. There is always the chance that you can find a friend who is good at restoring cars to a like-new condition. All of these choices have worked before, and could possibly be a good decision for you.

The online sources have been a successful endeavor for many folks, but not without time spent fielding calls from interested parties, or haggling over the price with the many callers who are just testing the waters, or returning calls to those who left messages.

Newspaper advertisements have some of the same annoying requirements, or they sometimes reap no interested parties at all. And that friend who likes to work on cars, well he is usually behind the 8-ball with four or five vehicles parked in his yard on which he has not yet even begun the restoration process. As you probably already know, and are beginning to see more clearly, selling a used car is often not an easy task. You will probably have to get some of the lingo down like, “What do I need to do to see you driving away in this car tonight?”

The cars, with a “For Sale” sign in the window, on the Walmart parking lot…well; let’s just say there are easier paths you can take. Our business is one of those easier paths. We pay cash for junk cars and we do it fairly, competently, professionally, and quickly. It all starts with calling our company so that you can get a quote on how much cash we are going to give you for your vehicle. How do we give you a quote on the phone? First we ask you questions about the condition of your vehicle. Questions like:

  1. How old is your car?

  2. What is the condition of your exterior?

  3. What is the condition of the interior of your car?

  4. How many miles does your odometer show?

  5. Can your automobile be driven?

  6. Has it been in a flood?

  7. Has it been in a fire?

  8. Are any parts missing?

These types of questions and more will give us the background we need to give you the most accurate and fair price that we can. With all these facts in hand, the person with whom you are speaking will give you a quote for the amount we will pay you for your car. You are probably wondering:

Will that price be valid when the person who picks up the car sees it in person? Yes.

Will I have to pay for the car being towed? No.

Will it be a short period of time before my car is picked up? Yes, the pickup is usually in less than 24 hours.

You may also wonder what we will do with the old heap of junk? We either recycle the car in an environmentally friendly way. Or we might trade-in the car to a dealership after we refurbish it a bit. Sometimes we disassemble the car and sell the parts for reuse.

So, there you have it. Your freedom from the distress of having a junk car that you do not know what to do with is almost over. Give us a call. We’ll get right to work for you.

I had a tremendous experience selling my car to Original Car Buyers. They made the car selling process relatively simple, and I’m grateful for that. I really enjoyed the transparent pricing, and felt that I got a tremendous price for my car. In addition, my vehicle wasn’t running and they managed to get me a tow from my house. Overall I’m very satisfied with the service I received, and I feel those looking to sell their car should give them a shot.

Susan W. Susan W.