Sell Your Car In San Diego!

Did you wake up this morning with an expression on your face that looked a lot like Edvard Munch’s pastel painting, The Scream? Have you been averting your eyes from the junky old car that is parked in your yard and pretending that it really wasn’t there?  Do you get nervous when you see a police car passing in front of your house, and worry that the neighbors have reported you to your city government for polluting the beauty of your street by having that horrible junk car eyesore on your property?

Well, join the club.  Because the economy has made buying a new car a bit of a burden in the last few years making Americans hold on to their current cars longer than they usually would, there are more old cars out there, that have assuredly passed their primes.  That and the fact that most people don’t want to hire a tow truck to take their junk cars to the garbage dump.  No one wants to pay money to have something that they think has no worth taken away from their yard.  Talk about throwing good money after bad.

So, right about here you are probably screaming, “How do I sell my car?”
We say, “Calm down; take a breath; and when you feel the anxiety leaving, call us and we will take this problem from you.  Take another cleansing breath.”

We are a Cash For Cars San Diego business that purchases vehicles.  We buy old vehicles, junk cars, dilapidated jalopies, running cars, non-running cars, damaged automobiles, wrecked trucks, any kind of vehicle at all.

You say, “Sell my car.”
We say, “Call us.”
Our business is paying you for your vehicle, no matter the condition, model, year, or make.  We have studied and trained to be able to give you the best price you can get for your less than desirable car and to reuse that vehicle in a way that is environmentally sound, is helpful to you, and is good for our city and our communities.

You call.  We make an offer. You accept and tell us when and where you would like to have the vehicle picked up.  We come to your location with cash in hand and remove the car from your space.  We then either trade in the automobile; use the parts of the old vehicle; or recycle it in an eco-friendly way.

We are very good at what we do.  We have customers who will be glad to share with you how well we have taken care of them.  We have intelligent and helpful employees whose job it is to make this process palatable and profitable for you.  We have experience and a reputation that is solid.  Give us a try.  It doesn’t cost you a cent.  The initial quoting session is on us.  The tow is on us.  You really have no commitment at all.  Don’t you think it would be prudent to take advantage of such a simple yet potentially valuable service, at no cost to you?

We are here to help you in whatever manner we can.  Just give us a call.